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World of Tanks (Game download)

World of Tanks (Game download)

DFG Exclusive Review Summary

  • Decently sized maps with layouts that encourage using terrain to your advantage
  • Quite a few different tanks to unlock, purchase, and upgrade
  • No good way to practice before getting thrown into matches with other players
  • Important repair items are limited use and must be bought.

Game Description


Let’s Begin

World of Tanks feels like it’s been around forever, and yet this is the first time I’ve ever really tried playing it. Turns out it’s not as excruciatingly outside of my wheelhouse as I’d feared! It’s also a little more complex than I was expecting.

Hold the Line

Simply shooting at red things isn’t going to cut it.


  • For once, the high ground isn’t better. The thing about tanks is they can’t really aim down. Being below an enemy is actually an advantage because you can fire up at them without them being able to fire back.
  • Look for the green. When aiming at an enemy you’ll see a small circle in the middle of your targeting reticule. If it’s red, you’re going to hit armor and not do much damage. If it’s green, you’re targeting a weak point and will hit much harder.
  • Aim slow. Moving the tank or even the turret can throw off your aim. For a more accurate shot, wait for the circle on the outside of the targeting reticule to shrink.
  • Use the bushes. You can hide behind buildings and other visually solid bits of terrain, but bushes are cool because they can hide you from enemies and still be shot through. Shooting reveals your location, but they’re still great for setting up an ambush (no pun intended).


Don’t Tread on Me

While World of Tanks is a competent game overall, but being tossed right into multiplayer matches after just learning the basics is pretty challenging and I’m not a fan of the need to constantly buy repair items. Still definitely worth a look if you’re interested in online competitive multiplayer.


World of Tanks Review



To be completely honest, I wasn’t looking forward to playing World of Tanks for review. I’m not a fan of competitive play, I’m even less of a fan of online multiplayer matches with random strangers, and tanks are one of my least favorite types of vehicle used in war. Yet here we are, and surprisingly enough I ended up enjoying aspects of this game once I finally started playing.


For the unfamiliar, World of Tanks is basically a game of capture-the-point mixed with team deathmatch – where everyone is a tank. Matches are typically won by either capturing the other team’s base, or by destroying all of the other team’s tanks. Depending on the map and mode things can be a little more involved than that – like when there are several control points that need to be controlled – but for the most part it’s “blow everyone up or sneak around and take control of a thing.”

The maps are small enough that it doesn’t take long to find the opposition, but large enough that there’s plenty of room to maneuver to the point that it’s possible to sneak a faster tank through the front lines with a little luck and careful driving. There are a number of variables to the terrain that can also influence how you approach a given situation. Elevation is important to consider because tanks can aim up a lot easier than they can aim down, buildings can be used for cover or to hide behind in an attempt to flank, and even bushes can hide you in a pinch.

It’s a shame that there isn’t a good way to practice before getting thrown into a multiplayer match, though. Sure there’s a training mode with a few levels that teach you the basics, but I was really hoping to have a “real” match with bots before having to deal with the pressure of not being dead weight to a team full of other players right out of the gate. I mean it’s good that newbies are grouped together in the beginning – newer accounts are, anyway, but whether or not the person playing has experience is another matter entirely – but I’d have still preferred a little more hands on time before getting tossed into the fray.

I mentioned that I’m not a fan of tanks, and this is true, but I know there are people out there who love them and I think they’ll be pleased with World of Tanks’ roster. There are a lot of treaded armored vehicles here (don’t ask me how accurate they are, though), of various makes and models. Some are faster, some are slow but well armored – you probably know the drill if you’re even a little familiar with action games that involve character classes of any type. So yeah, there are plenty of tanks, which you can unlock, buy, and upgrade. You can also hire and train crew who can provide useful passive buffs and perks. Though as you might expect, all of this stuff is subject to freemium systems like needing to earn experience (and then spend it) to unlock something, then spend actual money (assuming you have enough) to purchase what you just unlocked.

My main not totally subjective and mired in my own personal biases complaint, though, is the way items work. This being a game that focuses almost entirely on combat, your tank is bound to take a beating. This can lead to things like busted treads, fires, injured crew, and so on. Fine. You can acquire items that are used in-game to fix/extinguish/heal or otherwise deal with these problems as they arise. Also fine. What bothers me is how these items have to be purchased using in-game currency, and have limited uses. These are things you’re going to have to use a lot as you play, and end up being a drain on your virtual wallet. Granted these items (at least the low end ones) don’t cost an overly absurd amount, but I’d have much rather spend a bit more on a one-and-done piece of gear instead of constantly having to restock my reserves.


In the end I didn’t hate World of Tanks, which is not how I saw things going. It’s still absolutely, without question, not a game tailored to my specific interests but I think I can understand why it’s gotten to be popular. From a more objective viewpoint I’m not fond of some of the free-to-play systems or the hardline “it’s multiplayer or nothing” approach, though. Gameplay-wise it works well enough and there’s more strategy to combat than simply driving in circles and shooting, and that’s always a good thing. If you’re curious I don’t see the harm in checking it out, but if you’re like me and this sort of stuff just isn’t your bag it’s not going to change your mind.



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