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Warhammer End Times Vermintide – IamLupo mod

Warhammer End Times Vermintide – IamLupo mod


Hey guys,

Here a mod for Warhammer End Times Vermintide that gives you a lot of new features in the game. This project contains a lua injector and a library to allow developers to create there own mods.


1: Just click the vmm.exe
2: click install on the left top
3: click the mods you would like to use
4: Click launch at the left top
5: enjoy the game!


When the game starts and you reach the inn there will be the message:

  1. Vermintide Mod Framework x.x.x Started




Help ? – Why did i made this topic?
In the past Griffin02 has made a lua injector that was really populair and usefull. Over time Griffin02 took the background and I managed to make my own lua injector. With a lot of responses and results in 2 months I desided to make a new and clean topic.

Can you get banned for using this mod?
At moment there are no reports that people are banned for using this mod or using a lua injector. Keep in mind people can send private reports to developers and maybe take action in the future.
I hope this community use this mod in there own server and not abuse it on someone else his server.

Why you started modding vermitide?
Griffin02 has inspired me to execute my own script. This gave me over time more control over more components in the game. Also the game itself missed some flexibility what we couldn’t ask of the Vermitide developers. (basic game fixes or new functionalities) In the end it was just to make this game exited again for our self. Like after 2000 hours played things becomes boring xD

Download Vermintide-Mod-Framework 0.18.0


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