Rust AHK Script

Rust AHK Script

Startup Instructions

  1. Have Rust in FULLSCREEN mode
  2. Have Autohotkey installed
  3. Extract the zip to a folder
  4. Open RUN ME.ahk (Do NOT Compile)
  5. Go to the settings tab, to see and change hotkeys
  6. Start Script and select Loadout
  7. Enable script with the toggle
  8. Test a weapon, Adjust script sensitivity to get recoil working good. (Then fine tune settings.ini and guns.ini for more accuracy)


The script will be disabled automatical when you open inventory or do any action that gives you control over the mouse.

Weapon Recoil Reduction

  • Semi-Auto Rifle
  • AK
  • Python
  • Thompson
  • MP5A4
  • Semi-Auto Pistol
  • LR300
  • M249
  • M92
  • SMG


  • Simple Sight
  • Holosight
  • 4x Scope
  • Boost

Screen Centered Reticle System

  • Color Slider
  • Reticle On/Off Toggle
  • Sniper Lines
  • Range Distance Lines
  • Holo Sight
  • Cross
  • Dot
  • V Sight
  • Gap Dash
  • X Sight
  • Quad Dot

If you want to make a custom reticle, just create an image and replace one of the current reticles in the Images folder. The Reticle you create needs to have a transparent background. And the Pixel at 0,0 (Top Left) must be that same transparent color.

Customizable Hotkeys

  • Recoil Reduction On/Off Toggle
  • Minimize/Maximize Toggle
  • Suicide Command
  • Burst Mode Toggle
  • 4 quick chat commands
  • Consectutive Fire Mode

Burst Mode
As of version 1.6.4 this has been made passive. You may hold the fire button with a semi equipped and it will shoot fully automatic.

Consecutive Fire Mode
Only support AK as of current version. From the config tab set the time between shots in MS.(220ms suggested) Then toggle the mode on. When you shoot the ak, it will fire consecutive single shots. This is to counter the aimcone.

Supports any sensitivity 
While defaults are optimized for Rust in-game sensitivity of 1, you may set your preferred sensitivity in the GUI and all values will be adjusted accordingly. (1 works best for now, while we work on a better mouse move method)


– Download –

Rust AHK Script


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