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GTA 5 Online – How to make more money

GTA 5 Online – How to make more money and have more fun with stealth money


So, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about crashes/offline mode errors when using the very popular stealth money cheat! So, I decided to show/teach you all how I personally enjoy using it so that I can relax and make money at the same time!

The concept is quite simple actually, so here it is!

1) Download and install an auto key clicker of any type. I don’t know the rules on linking so just google, ‘Auto Key Clicker‘ and click the first link that’s not an ad.

2) Once you have that, set the interval to 3 minutes. If you use the same one as me, that’s equivalent to 180,000 milliseconds.

3) Of course, you also need to set the key to F9 to activate the cheat.

4) Open GTA 5 Online and wait until your game is fully loaded to load the stealth money cheat.

5) Once you have both GTAV:Online and stealth money loaded, alt+tab out of GTAV and start your auto key clicker. In my case, the key clicker won’t click until after 3 minutes, so you can press F9 by yourself to make sure the cheat is working.

6) Now that you have the cheat working and being activated automatically, you can mess around and still make money without having to think about it!


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