CS:GO Hide And Seek Maps

CS:GO Hide And Seek Maps


Steam workshop has Counter-Strike: Global Offensive prepared for each other beautiful maps and so many different work. Some of them are added to the game with new updates, others are only in the top of the workshop. Here is the CS: GO Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Map, which is absolutely necessary on the Stema workshop page.


1 – Dust 2 Night

The most popular Counter-Strike map, the Dust 2 map, has been changed in the hands of a user named Blade x64, and the night effect is added to the map. How could this map, which is open to debate whether it was official or not in the workshop, would be added to the game?

2 – de_pripyat

Pripyat was a city established between Ukraine and Belarus for the sheltering of workers at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, but after the catastrophe in 1986, no step was taken. In the same city Call of Duty series, we are confronted as a place where we go as a sniper and a secret relative. With this map, Confused_Travolta has done an excellent job by bringing Pripyat to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


3 – FridayThe13th [Hide and Seek]

A philanthropist who joined from Aramız Moskva also made a map of the fearless, unabated, fearless, hostile Left 4 Dead that we can play hide and seek in.


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