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“Capable and dependable, the AK-47 is a standout amongst the most mainstream attack rifles on the planet. It is most lethal to put it plainly, controlled blasts of flame.”

―Official depiction

The AK-47, or CV-47 as it was beforehand known, is a rifle highlighted in the Counter-Strike arrangement, only accessible to the Terrorists. The partner for the Counter-Terrorists is the Maverick M4A1 Carbine before Global Offensive and the M4A4/M4A1-S in Global Offensive.


The AK-47, otherwise called the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Автомат Калашникова in Russian) Kalashnikov, AK, or in Russian slang, Kalash, is a specific shoot, gas-worked 7.62×39mm ambush rifle created in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is some of the time utilized by the Russian Spetsnaz as a Counter-Terrorist association, yet is viewed as obsolete, prevailing by the AKM, made in 1959, or the AK-74, made in 1974. Practically every war since its improvement has incorporated some type of the AK on one or the two sides.

In amusement, the AK-47 is a to a great degree effective ambush rifle accessible solely to the Terrorists. It is a standout amongst the most effective firearms in the diversion known for its energy and its range. The main real detriments are its error after various shots and high backlash. The AK-47’s remarkable fame is because of its proficiency in Counter-Strike. The AK-47 is the most well known weapon of Terrorists in the Counter-Strike arrangement. As of now in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it costs $2700 rather than $2500.




When splashing or overflowing with this weapon, make a point to pull the crosshair down for the following 4-7 rounds, as the spread when showering is high. Make sure to have legitimate crosshair situation (crosshair is at head level) first before blasting or showering, and afterward fire 4-7 rounds while controlling the backlash. The odds are, in the initial 7 rounds will get you a headshot execute.

The most ideal approach to be precise with this weapon is to utilize short blasts of discharge.

Make utilization of the primary shot while standing, which is almost as exact as an expert sharpshooter rifle, and will execute a rival with a solitary headshot.

For medium-long ranges, two-shot blasts are prescribed. This is on account of the initial two shots are exact, yet the third one kicks up a ton.

At longer ranges, tap-terminating at chest level is prompted.

Intermittently, numerous newcomers commit the error in terminating the AK-47 consistently until the point when the present magazine is drained. This makes the backlash of the weapon difficult to control and leaves the client helpless against foe counter-assault. To keep this, work on utilizing the weapon with controlled blasts of shoot and endeavor to keep the force low.

At long separations, strafing is fundamental. While strafing, shoot once for most extreme precision, and the AK-47’s high harm will do the rest.

At the point when in medium range with high backlash, if utilizing the little crosshair, point with the best line for a higher opportunity to hit. At nearer runs, this will make scoring a headshot to a great degree simple.

For short proximity battle, don’t hesitate to flame full-programmed. In any case, make sure to point the crosshair around the middle of the adversary because of the high backlash of the AK-47.

It is conceivable to strafe and shoot with this weapon in medium quarters, gave that the firearm is gone for the legs of the objective because of the high backlash. Nonetheless, this should just be utilized as a last measure.

While the precision of most weapons was expanded in Counter-Strike: Source, the AK-47 did not get this advantage.

Because of the incredible entrance the AK-47 offers, veteran players will utilize this rifle for wallbanging.

Make an effort not to keep running with this rifle because of the low moving precision.

If necessary, change to a sidearm when racing to stay away from the AK-47’s substantial speed diminishment, particularly in Global Offensive.

Encountered CT’s will for the most part favor the AK-47, frequently swapping out their M4 rifles for one dropped on the ground. Because of this, abstain from buying the AK-47 or its partners in the wake of winning the gun round. Regardless of the possibility that you’re a veteran, the restriction will do their best to execute you and get your weapon, making your group be at a tremendous burden and you to not have adequate finances later.


Utilize long-extend weaponry against AK-47 clients to keep away from the high rate of discharge.

Remember however, the AK-47’s high first-shot exactness make it helpful against long-run rivals.

Utilizing a feeble expert rifleman rifle like the Scout/SSG 08 is not prescribed unless giving spread, as most AK-47 clients won’t dither to connect with sharpshooters forcefully if the main shot is not an execute shot.

Utilize flashbangs to drive a rival to withdraw or daze the adversary for a brisk bring down.

For lacking elbow room, utilize a weapon with a higher rate of shoot.

Remember the AK-47 is equipped for slaughtering shielded players with a solitary headshot.

Surge at the client with no less than two partners, so the client will be compelled to withdraw or endeavor to splash, possibly making the force wild.

On the off chance that no different colleagues are accessible, remain portable or and utilize a weapon with bring down force to maintain a strategic distance from the lethal burst shoot and drastically diminish the client’s exactness.

In the event that withdrawing, utilize a Smoke Grenade cover the escape course.

Abstain from holing up behind thin cover however much as could reasonably be expected. Some AK-47 clients incline toward utilizing wallbang strategies as opposed to flanking.



CS 1.6 and CS:CZ
Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 143 111
Chest & Arm 35 27
Stomach 43 33
Leg 26 26
Red signifies a fatal hit.
Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 143 111
Chest & Arm 35 27
Abdomen & Pelvis 44 34
Leg 26 26
Red color signifies a fatal hit.

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