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Barbie: Secret Agent (2001)

Barbie: Secret Agent (2001)

Secret Agent Barbie lets kids join the alpha blonde and her friends as she travels the world as an international fashion spy. Her mission is to investigate and stop the creation of an invisibility suit.

The game contains five international locations – Paris, New York, Egypt, Tokyo, and Rio. Kids must complete a mission in each area, bringing them closer to breaking the case. Secret agents have access to special powers like running, jumping, tumbling, and blending into the background. There are special gadgets like pink-vision glasses and a remote-control puppy. True to the nature of the Mattel doll that spawned an empire, there is a selection of Kate Archer-esque secret agent outfits that kids can pick out for Barbie and her friends to wear.


Operating Systems: · Pentium(R) 133 MHz PC or faster

· Windows(R) 95 or Windows(R) 98 XP/7/8

· Quad Speed (4x) CD-ROM drive

· 32 MB RAM

· 16-bit color display capability at 800×600 resolution, with 2 MB VRAM

· MPC compatible sound card

· Mouse and keyboard


Download Barbie: Secret Agent (674 MB)

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